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10 Days Of Mason Jar Christmas

I love to receive gifts in mason jars because they’re reusable. I can use up whatever came in them (usually a tasty bake mix), and then keep the jars around the house either to hold candles or even to give gifts of my own. 

Amy Bayliss presents 10 different ways you can use a mason jar for gifts this holiday season. Navigation is easy, just click the link of the gift you want to learn more about and you’ll be whisked away to the how-to page. 

You’ll find how-to’s for making and giving baking mixes, using mason jars for drinks, hosting gifts, meals, storage, and even decorating! 

I really loved some of the decorating ideas, because they are simple enough that you could do them as craft projects with your kids. All you need for some of them is white glue and tissue paper.

The link for savory dishes and lunches in mason jars is one you can use year-round. 

Whether you’re searching for holiday ideas or simply a unique way to take your lunch to work, be sure to check out these awesome uses for mason jars!

http://amybayliss.com/10-days-of-mason-jar-christmas/ [1]

~ Amanda