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100% Free Chess


100% Free Chess is just what the name says. Utilizing a simple, intuitive interface, it includes several free chess games, along with helpful tutorials for those of us who need all the help we can get.

Let me begin by saying that there will be no mention here of the outcome of the test games I played. I suspected that this wasn’t my game, when one of my little guys on the front lines (pawns?) made it all the way to other end, and my opponent wouldn’t king me.

During an otherwise straightforward installation, the only option you’re given is to decide whether you’d like a quick launch icon, start menu folder, or a desktop icon. When you’re ready to play, click on the desktop icon (if you placed one there).Then the Player Profile window asks for a name, location, and some personal information. All that’s needed is a name. If you click the Change Face button, you can select a different profile image. However, as it is with several of the other game features, only a limited number of profile choices are available in the free version.


Once you’ve completed your profile, click OK and you’re ready to begin.


Just click on the New Game button. Or if you could use some guidance before you play, click Tutorial.

Several play options are available; Untimed, Speed, Progressive, Suicide, and Fischer. I chose Untimed.


To begin play, just click on a piece. The game will then show all possible moves for that piece. This is a particularly handy feature for those of us who are chess impaired. When you’ve decided where you’d like to move, click on that space. In my games, that was usually followed by the opponent deciding he also wanted to occupy that space.


When you’re ready for a new game, you can bring up the Game Menu by clicking the Menu button in the lower right corner of the game board screen. In addition to the Menu button, there are also Hint and Undo buttons. The Game Menu incudes six options (see below).


If you’re interested in becoming more proficient, the Help menu offers tutorials and advice. You can also click here for more chess tips.

You can download 100% Free Chess here.