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101 Cook Books

This is an interesting recipe site. Dedicated to trying out recipes from her cookbooks, Heidi documents them here one at a time. One of the coolest ice cream recipes I’ve heard of came from this sit—see the Heather Honey Ice Cream recipe in the Seasonal Spotlight section—now I’ve just got to run out and get an ice cream maker.

On the top menu you find the options: Home, About, Contact, and Archives. The Archives being what I want to drive your attention to because this is where you will find the past recipes that she’s tried out. You can check them out by category or by month. Either way you’re going to find a ton of delightful recipes you may have never thought of.

On the side menu you have the options of browsing the Calendar, the Seasonal Spotlights, the Recent Posts, the News and Noteworthy, and if you continue scrolling you can see a list of her cookbooks.

By clicking the linked dates in the Calendar you receive interesting posts on things from that day, for example: If you click April 7th—you get a post on drinkable chocolates. You’ll also find a link there from the Recent Post section on the side menu.

The Seasonal Spotlight section is more of a staple on the side menu. You’ll always find something there and they stay there for a season. So you don’t have to rush to get to these favorites unless like me you just can’t wait to try them out.

Recent Posts is a small listing of the most recently posted recipes that Heidi has worked out and posted on the site.

News and Noteworthy is where you will find news about the site and cooking news.

And then there is the long list of cookbooks that Heidi owns—all linked to where you can buy them on Amazon, at least from the ones I’ve checked out. The great thing about that is you can see if they’ve been reviewed by Amazon users and get an even better idea about the cookbook in question.

A totally terrific cooking site; that I plan on saving to my favorite’s list for future use. Check this one out, and then head to the kitchen with a recipe or two to try out.

http://101cookbooks.com/ [1]