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2013 International CES: Let’s Get Weird

The Weirder Side Of CES

There’s no question that CES gives us an opportunity to take a look at new and exciting technologies.  CES also has no shortage of items that will raise your eyebrows… or are just plain weird.  So let’s take a look at the stranger of side of this year’s CES.


Say hello to the HAPIfork.  So what is HAPIfork, besides being an oddly shaped eating untensil?  The HAPIfork is designed to help you watch how quickly you eat.  It’s simple — the fork keeps track of how many times you use it.  If you’re bringing the fork to your mouth too often, it will start to vibrate.  The goal is to keep people from eating too fast.  Unfortunately the fork won’t know which food is being shoveled into your mouth.  So eating a salad at a fast pace is going to drive the fork crazy, while slowly eating some Tiramisu (yum!) won’t.  Price tag?  Expect to pay around $99 for the fork and its included app, which helps to monitor and help to improve your eating behavior.  Based on the way I shovel cereal into my body, I’ll pass on the spoon design when it comes out.


Why yes, that is an iPad attached to a child’s training potty.  This strange device, known as the iPotty (can we please stop the i-[insert-product-name-here] naming trend now?), is a training potty with the ability to attach an iPad to it.  This allows a child to interact with the iPad while the child takes care of, well, business.  To take things further, there are actually apps available that will reward a child for finishing business.

Now, I’m not a parent, but I can’t be the only one that thinks attaching a $500+ piece of equipment to a toilet is a bit strange.  In the event you’re actually interested in the iPotty, the availability date opens up in March on Amazon.  Price tag: $39.99 (iPad and distracted child not included).