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Setting Alarms in Android

To long-time cell phone owners, using basic functions like setting alarms is second nature, as is the use of the nearly unlimited array of available features and apps. For the rest of us, some of these basics are still new and uncharted terrain. The following article on setting an Android alarm is for them (us). Fortunately, the alarm setup hasn’t changed significantly, so these instructions for Android 4.0 should work similarly on most recent versions.

The first step in setting an alarm is to tap the home screen clock. Or, if no clock is displayed on the home screen, choose it from the apps section and tap Set alarm. Another option (in some versions) is to use the Voice Action feature to set an alarm by speaking into the device.


In Alarms, touch Add alarm.


In Set Alarm, check the Turn alarm on box, and tap Time. In Set alarm, you can also choose a ringtone, set up repeating alarms, set the alarm to vibrate, or add a label.


In Set time, either slide up or down through the numbers, or navigate with the arrows, and tap Set.


To edit an alarm, tap the three-dot menu button, and then tap Settings, which returns you to the Set alarm menu.


If you’d like an alarm set to repeat on selected days, tap Repeat.


There, check the box or boxes for desired days.


To assign a name, choose Label from the Set alarm menu (above). The Label field will activate automatically, and the keyboard will appear.


Once the alarm has been edited to your satisfaction and saved, it can be accessed by again tapping the home screen clock and choosing the alarm from the list.


This will reveal the menu below.


Tapping Delete alarm will bring up a delete confirmation. Tapping Edit alarm will reopen the Set alarm menu.


The procedure described above also applies to setting multiple alarms for different times and different days. If you have an unlimited power source (and an unlimited tolerance to annoying sounds and vibrations), you could probably set multiple alarms to go off 24-7.

I think I’ll pass.