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280 Slides

280 Slides [1]


One of the things that I spend a lot of time doing every semester is making PowerPoint presentations for class. PowerPoint can be very annoying to use, and it’s hard to make a decent theme without paying a ton of money for a good template. So boy, was I ever shocked when I found 280 Slides.

280 Slides is not only free, but it is awesome too!

To get started, click the Try it Now button. Then allow the editor to load. You’ll then be given four options: Create a New Presentation, Open a Saved Presentation, Import an Existing Presentation, and Take a Tour. Since it is your first time here, I’d recommend the Take a Tour option so that you’ll have a good understanding of the editor works.

The tour will walk you through how 280 slides works in just seven slides. Click the slides on the left side of the page to navigate through them. Once you’ve gone through the tour, click the New button near the top to start your own presentation.


Once you’ve created your slideshow presentation, just click Download to save it to your PC. You can even click share to email it or create a link to the presentation.

280 slides is an awesome alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, but it is also compatible with it. That means you can make slides with it, and still use them in Microsoft PowerPoint. I found that to be very handy for students who do not have Microsoft PowerPoint at home, you can still get your presentations done but you don’t have to drive out to school to make them!


http://280slides.com/ [1]