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Ever feel like you are just running out of desktop space? 360Desktop is here to save you from desktop clutter. This program allows you to dramatically increase your desktop space. There are many perks to this program, such as the ability to download custom widgets, and 360 degree desktop wallpapers. In the upper right corner of the image below, you can see the panoramic view of the full desktop with the exposed desktop highlighted. Just click in any part of that smaller image, and you can move to another section of your desktop.

Basic Use of 360Desktop

This program is not only pretty cool, but also very easy to use. When you launch the 360 desktop, you will see a small window at the top. This is where you change the look and add widgets. The first thing I would like to show you is how to change the look of your new 360 desktop.

In order to change the look of the 360 degree desktop, you will need to open the 360 Manager. You can find the icon for that above the image of your full 360Desktop. The 360Desktop Manager dialog box will show a list of available 360 wallpapers (only 2 by default). Simply select the wallpaper you wish to use and you’re done. It is just that simple!

In order to get different 360 desktop wallpapers, you may search the web for ones that will work with this cool little program.

Adding Widgets

Adding widgets is also a pretty simple process using this program. If you are not aware, widgets are stand-alone applications that you can incorporate into your desktop. This means you can download and place these on your desktop for one click access. You can put anything from news widgets to small games right on this desktop. With all of the new space you have just downloaded, why not?

To add a widget to this program, simply click on the Add a new Widget icon right on your 360desktop toolbar. Find the widget you want to use and input the URL into the box when it asks. It is that simple. You can then place the widget anywhere you want on your desktop.

Overall this program is pretty good. It is only designed to work on Windows XP and Vista at this time so make sure you meet the specifications before downloading. There have been a few complaints periodically about shutting the program down but other than that it has received nothing but good reviews. Personally, I would recommend it to anyone that needs more space or simply wants to add some excitement to their day to day computer operations. So if this sounds like something you would be interested in, what are you waiting for? Click here [1] to download 360Desktop.