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3D Architect Studio – Design a House with Frank Lloyd Wright

Would you like to design a house with Frank Lloyd Wright? Well then, welcome to 3D Architect Studio where you can dive on in and find out what being an architect is like by designing for a client in this simulator.

When you first arrive at the site, click the Start button and the introduction will play. Watching it will give you great tips on things that architects think about as they design, at the end of the Intro click Enter. You can skip the introduction at any time by click Skip Intro.

To learn more about the site and its intent check out the About this Site section.

To get started designing click Design Studio, you may need to download the Unity player (I did) if that is the case, just click the Install Unity button. You won’t even have to close your browser, and it works on both Windows and Macs. Once you’ve installed the player you’ll click Enter to get started.

You’ll start by selecting a client (or building a family of clients if you want a more challenging build). Then you’ll select the location of your client’s home based on their preferences.

After that you’ll design the exterior of the home by selecting a floor plan and building materials, capping off this section by selecting a roof.

Next, you’ll design the interior space. This is where your client’s needs and preferences really come into play; make sure you remember to build any special rooms that they need.

Up next is the landscaping, how do you want their grounds to look?  And after you’ve gotten the last tree planted it will be time to take a tour of your design!

All along the way you can get tips from 3D Architects version of Frank Lloyd Wright. What are you waiting for? Go design a house today!

http://www.architectstudio3d.org/AS3d/index.html [1]