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3D Extreme

3D Extreme

On Monday we had a little fun with our files and went over the 3D button located on the Drawing Toolbar.

Well, that was the basics—ready for the rest?

Was that a “Yes” I heard?


Then lets get back to the fun of 3D objects.

When you selected your object and clicked on the 3D button did you notice the option of 3D Settings at the bottom?


No? Well take a look—it’s there and it’s your ticket to manipulating the different 3D settings.

So, go ahead, click 3D Settings.

The 3D Settings toolbar should open and look something like this.


Any features that are grayed out are things you can’t adjust for the item you have selected—but the rest is there for you to make the 3D affect all your own.

So, let’s do a rundown of the buttons. (If you want to try this I suggest you use an AutoShape with a fill color so you can have access to all settings and get to know your options.)

The first button simply turns the 3D effect on and off (for the selected object, of course).


The next section of buttons rotates the object in the direction indicated by the arrow. (The first two rotate up and down and the last two rotate left and right.)


The last section is where most of the 3D action can be found.


The first button of the section is for setting the depth of the figure. There’s an entire list of preset depths but don’t overlook the bottom. Do you see it? Yep, that’s right, you can also enter a custom depth to suite your needs.

The second button opens up a palette of choices pertaining to the direction of the 3D depth.

The next one—looks like a desk lamp—allows you to choose the direction of the lighting. This one’s cool,and it does affect the way the colors of the figure look.

The next button allows you to select a surface type for your figure.

And finally…

The arrow on the last button of the toolbar opens a palette of 3D colors to choose from. Again, another place you can get truly creative if you’re looking for a unique look.

When you finish creating the 3D masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of simply click the X-button in the upper right corner of the toolbar to close it.

Now that you know the facts I think you’re ready for the 3D Extreme.

~ April