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4-word Password Generator

Even though we all have been using the internet for what seems like a thousand years, many people still struggle when it comes to creating good passwords. To think the trend of passwords like ‘123456’ and ‘qwerty’ would’ve died down years ago, but you’d be surprised to know that the vast majority of people still use easy to guess passwords.

It’s understandable, no one likes passwords which are cryptic and tough to remember. However, it’s common knowledge that more cryptic the password, harder it is to crack. But then where lies the solution ? We need a password which is easy to remember, non-cryptic and something which cannot be easily guessed or cracked using automated programs.

The Chaps at Passphra.se have put up a password generator [1] which uses 4 random words of English language and generates an easy to remember yet hard to guess password. As simple as it sounds, it’s proven to be very effective when you think about it. 4 random words of English strung together, and you have a complex yet un-cryptic password. Additionally Passphra.se lets you generate passwords in English, Spanish and French.

passphra.se [2]






Usually, when someone tries to guess your password they will most probably try your date of birth or your dog’s name or other such personal details. The last thing on their mind will be a password consisting of 4 random words.

Fantastic idea isn’t it? Well to add to this, there are countless ways in which you can make this even tougher to crack. for e.g. by preceding the 4 word password by a number (say the last 4 of your phone number) or adding your favorite flavor of ice cream at the end . The possibilities are virtually endless.

Click here [1] to generate a fantastic new password for yourself.