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40, 39, 38, 37…

40, 39, 38, 37…

Tired of seeing your pages come off the printer in this order?

How much time do you spend reversing page order?

Ever find yourself wishing that you could get the printer to print in the “correct” order? Just imagine it – you reach into to the printer, pick up your pages and (lions and tigers and bears) oh my – page one is on top!

If this is one of your little wishes then read on.

The secret is all in the printer properties.

Next time you go to print a large document go to the File menu, Print choice (or Ctrl + P) instead of the print button (which bypasses the Print window).

When the Print window opens take a look at the top section – the Printer section.


Do you see the Properties button (or maybe yours is an Options button)?

Click it.

It will open the Properties window for your printer.

Here’s where things become specific to your system. Each printer will have it’s own Properties options – but in general you’re looking for an option that will “reverse print order” or maybe “start printing from last page”.

At any rate, you’re looking for a check-box that will trigger the printer to print the document backwards causing your document to be in order when it comes off the printer.

Once you’ve found the option you’re looking for and have it selected click OK.

You should then be returned to the Print window where you can proceed with the normal printing process.

One last thought…

If you’re like me – then you want all the documents, not just the long ones, printed in reverse order.

So, what do you do?

No way that I change the properties for every document I print!

I went in through the Windows Control Panel to the Printers.

Then I selected the Printer attached to my computer and right clicked on the icon.

I chose Properties from the pop-up menu, it was the last choice on the list.

I then went through the Properties and set the change as a default setting.

Now, all documents come off my printer in perfect order.

Perfect order from the Properties button – do you think I could get one of those for my house? Push one button and it’s all in order?

I wish…

~ April