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500Px turns your iPad into an Awesome Digital Photoframe

A unique use of the iPad that not many people have thought of, is as a Digital Photo-frame. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the iPad display an endless stream of amazing pictures while it rests on the dock ?

Applications serving such a purpose have been plenty, but in the long run most of us are simply too lazy to consistently find pretty pictures from all over the internet and fill up our iPads with them. As is the case with these ios devices, there’s always a solution handy, in this particular scenario it is an app called 500px.

500Px is an app which lets you display some of the most beautiful and interesting photo’s from the popular 500px.com community on your iPad .The 500px.com community is full of photography fans and people who in general like stunning photos. To use this service you just need to create a free account on 500px.com and you are good to go. The app on iPad connects to the website and displays the most popular and highly rated pictures on your ipad.

You can even set them to a soundtrack from your itunes library if you’d like to go a step further.This makes for a really pretty and vibrant digital Photo Frame when the iPad is not in use. If you sign up, the website then lets you compile all the pictures you like into a gallery of favorite pictures and even lets you add your own items to the portfolio and If needed, a user can share any picture with their Twitter or Facebook contacts via a single click.

With an active community like 500px.com, there is no dearth of new interesting pictures to stimulate your visual senses and brighten up the room. If you have an old iPad lying around that you don’t use much, Why not turn it into a Awesome Photo Frame ? Click Here [1]to download the app.

~Yogesh Bakshi