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750 Words

Have you ever heard of the tradition of writing morning pages? Traditionally, people would write three pages worth of whatever was going on in their heads in the morning. Think of it as a daily brain dump that allows you to get the thoughts that you wouldn’t normally talk or write about down, so that you can make way for productive thoughts the rest of the day.

I’m really intrigued how this will work, and if I will become more productive. The creator of the site claims that they saw that it really worked for them. Right now, I need to find all the ways to focus that I can because I’m working on the capstone projects for both of my degrees this semester. I need to be able to hone my thoughts in on making those the best papers they can be, rather than let my mind be all jumbled.

What is great about this is that this isn’t a blog. No one is going to be reading what you write, except for yourself. Be sure to read the great explanation of how all this works that is posted on the site. Once you are ready to give it a whirl, click Sign Up or Log In at the top of the page.

There are four methods to sign in – Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Open ID. For me the Facebook option was the easiest. So I selected that one. Once you’ve logged in you are instantly taken to the page to start your 750 words. As you write daily you earn points and badges that help encourage you to continue writing.

Are you worried about the privacy of your writings? Confused about how points are calculated? Or want to know about badges? Then make sure that you out the FAQ! There’s even a tip about adding a password lockout if you have to step away and don’t want to people to access your writings.

So far, so good, I’ve been writing for a few days now (it takes about fifteen minutes for me to spill out 750 words from my brain) and I feel like my mind is more focused.

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