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8-Year-Old Creates App For Other Kids

What were you up to when you were eight -years-old? Tariq Ali from Methuen, Massachusetts has created an app that’s available in the Windows Phone store and has been downloaded 1,200 times by people from all around the world. This in addition to being a busy third-grader and playing on a soccer team.

The app is called Kids Zone and it collects YouTube videos and clips from popular children’s shows into “channels” designed just for kids.

Designing software runs in the family, Tariq’s father is a software engineer. Back in November, he attended a Nokia event for developers with his father and sat in on a session about developing apps using the Windows Phone App Studio.

By the end of the day, the enterprising kid has completed his very first app. His creation was available for download from the Windows Phone Store by December.

Tariq is now working on a version of Kids Zone for the Windows 8  App Store and also thinking about developing apps about the solar system, countries and capitols plus he recently worked on a robot that can draw called ARTBOT for  science fair. 

For now Tariq plans on becoming an engineer specializing in app development and robots and possibly being announced as the new CEO of Microsoft in 2040.

You can download Kids Zone free for your Windows Phone [1]in the Windows Phone Store.

~ Cynthia