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8tracks – The Best In Internet Radio Crafted By Music Lovers

I’m a huge fan of any way to discover new music. And I’m thrilled and super excited to bring you 8tracks! 

Rather than discover music via an algorithm like Pandora (which I love) you’ll discover music there through curators (real human beings!) by selecting two attributes and combining them to find new music. 

For example, I chose Dubstep + Vocals and got several playlists of music to listen to. I picked Chillstep with Vocals, and was super-duper pleased with the mix. I love vocals with experimental sounds layered over them.  

Feeling happy and want to dance? Why not put Happy + Dance together and see what you get. 

After you’ve picked a playlist  to listen to, you can let the music stream without doing anything. However, if you register for a free account you can favorite tracks by clicking the star, follow other users, as well as create your own playlists.

To register, just click the “sign-up” button at the top of the page. You can F-connect with Facebook for easy log-in, or you can fill out the form with a username, e-mail address and password.  You’ll load onto your dashboard, where you can see DJs you’ve followed, tracks you’ve favorited, and more! 

To create a mix, mouse over your user picture or the little arrow pointed down at the top of the page, this will bring up a menu; select “Create a Mix.” Then name the mix, find some art for the cover, and upload your favorite tracks.  It’s pretty straightforward, but if you need some help, make sure to check out the FAQ [1]

I am in love with this site! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

http://8tracks.com/ [2]