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Re-send a message in Outlook

Have an e-mail message that you need to resend?

Maybe you sent something to one person and after the fact decided that it should also go to someone else… or maybe you sent something to someone who “lost” it and need to get the information to them once again.

Whatever drives the need to resend a message the question becomes how do you accomplish the task?

Well… we could recreate the message… but only those who really have a lot of extra time on their hands would be doing this.

We could go into the Sent Items folder and forward the message. Not necessarily a bad plan but I don’t know about you but when I see “Fwd:” in the subject line the message drops down on my mental priority list. Not to mention that sometimes in the process of forwarding the message formatting is jumbled – and nobody likes to read messages that are just a mess.

So, what other option do we have?

Why we can resend it, of course… yep an actual resend… not a forward or brand new message.

Let’s take a look.

Regardless of your Outlook version you need to start in the Sent Items folder.

Locate and open the message to be resent.

At this point our directions diverge:

Older versions of Outlook require you to go to the Actions menu and choose Resend This Message.


Outlook 2007 users can find what they need on the Message tab of the Ribbon. Click the Other Actions button and then choose Resend This Message from the list.


You’ll find that a new message opens containing all the original information without any changes created by forwards.

You can also edit the message, address it to someone else… basically you’re back to sending an everyday message… you just didn’t have to rewrite it!

~ April