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TweetDeck is a program many are unaware of that saves time when updating your status messages on multiple social networking websites. It allows you to post up to a 140 character status message to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn all at the exact same time. You simply type your status message, select all three of them at the top to send to and hit enter -it’s really is that easy! TweetDeck will also show all new status updates, like your news feeds from friends. This makes it easy to view your friends changes in status, comment on their posts and much more. One other highly enjoyable feature within this simple program is being able to customize what you view in each of the columns or how it pops up a small window when something new has been added to one of your feeds. It also allows you other features that are tied to each individual account, like responding to messages you see posted. All you do is place your cursor over their picture on the news feed, and you will get even more features related to which site news feed you select. These features are listed below as only a summary:

Facebook Features:
Lists all status updates for both you and your friends. You can also have it show only selected users on this news feed. The most common is the full news feed where it will show everything that normally shows up on your Facebook wall. Below you will find some of the more popular features with TweetDeck.

– Comment On Post
– Like Post
– Write On Wall (Selected Users)
– User Features
– Send Message
– Wall to Wall
– Update Features
– Translate
– Untranslate
– Email Status
– Tweet Comment
– Delete

MySpace Features:
MySpace feeds will show everyone on your friends list status changes and notices that would show on your main MySpace page.

– Send Message
– Comment On Post
– Other Features
– View Profile
– View Photos
– View Video
– View Blog
– View Status, and Mood Updates
– Block User

Twitter Features:
The bulk of the features for TweetDeck is designed for Twitter. It will list everything that would be included on your Twitter account, and allows much more functionality than Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn. The features include:

– Direct Message To User
– Reply To Messages
– Retweet Message
– Tweet Features
– Reply All
– Reference To
– Email Tweet
– Translate
– Untranslate
– Mark As Read
– Delete
– User Features
– Add to Group/List
– Follow
– Unfollow
– View Profile
– Search
– Block
– Block & Report As Spam

LinkedIn Features:
Many have never heard of LinkedIn or have been on their site when looking for employment and never knew it. LinkedIn is a lot like other social networking sites, however it is regarded as more professional as it works with both companies as well as individuals. It will create a network of whom you know and link them to professional businesses, allowing someone to get a foot in the door by having references. The best way to describe LinkedIn is by imagining a job search site like Career Builder meets Facebook, or MySpace. Some of the status updates you can choose to have listed are:

– Status
– Q&A
– Applications
– Groups
– Connections (friends)
– Profile
– Recommendations


As you can tell, this is only a summary list of features that are included. TweetDeck is a wonderful program that allows for easy access to the news feeds to some of the most popular social networking sites out there. The sheer number of features, combined with the time-saving ability of this program has made it one of the most popular among social networking gurus. If this sounds like something that you would enjoy, you can view their main website at: TweetDeck

~ Jason Cox