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A Blue Wave

A Blue Wave

We all know about MS Word’s ability to mark spelling and grammar errors with the infamous red and green lines, right? Well, have you ever found yourself wishing that Word could help out with formatting issues too?

You’re in luck! It can. Word does possess the ability to mark formatting inconsistencies when it notices that the formatting is very close to other formatting in the document.

Maybe it’s better if I let Word tell you about the inconsistencies. Word “marks formatting with wavy, blue underlines when it is similar, but not exactly the same, as other formatting in your document. Word can identify direct formatting that’s similar to formatting you’ve applied more frequently, list formatting that’s similar to other list formatting and direct formatting that matches a style.”

This is what you’ll see when Word detects a discrepancy:

Now, just like the spelling and grammar, if you right click over the text, Word will suggest a way to fix it.

Interested in where to find the wavy blue lines?

No problem. It’s in the Tools menu, Options choice.

On the Edit tab, select the “Mark formatting inconsistencies” choice. In addition, the “Keep track of formatting” check box must also be selected to use this feature.

Click OK when you’ve got both check boxes selected.

Voila! We now have a rainbow of wavy lines giving us not-so-subtle suggestions for editing our documents!

~ April