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A Few Statistics

A Few Statistics

Have you ever wondered how the different Web browsers we all use stack up against each other? I mean, aren’t you curious to know which one is used the most often or how popular the one you use is with other users? Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder about that kind of stuff all the time. Well, if you’re with me on this one, let’s check out some browser statistics together!

So far in the year 2007 (for the months of January and February), it seems as if Internet Explorer 6 is still the top dog. That version beat out Firefox by about an eight percent difference in February and a whopping 11 percent in January. Next up in line was the new Internet Explorer 7, which stayed right around the 16 percent marker for both months. Surprisingly, Internet Explorer 5 was the next most popular at 2.5 percent, followed by Safari for Macs, Netscape (now known as Mozilla) and Opera.

Now, what about the most popular operating systems? Well, in January and February of 2007, Windows XP stayed on top with no problems whatsoever. XP drove in a 76.1 percent rate for both months, with the next highest being Windows 2000 with only 7.4 percent. That’s a pretty big difference, wouldn’t you say?! If you would like to check out the statistics from past years (all the way back to 2003), you can do so by visiting this Web site. I want to thank one of our avid message board users for the link to this information. Hope you all enjoy!

~ Erin