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A Ghost in My Suitcase

A Ghost in my Suitcase, your guide to haunted Travel. We’ll focus our information on three of their sections—Haunted Places, Ghostly Travel Guides, and Ghost BLOG.

Haunted Places — Here you can read very interesting accounts of the writer of this site and his wife. They travel and tend to check out haunted places. My favorite story was of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It has a lot of lovely pictures too. You could spend quite some time entertained by reading all of these accountings, I know I did.

Ghostly Travel Guides — “Pick your destination, then click on any of the links to learn more about these books. You will be taken to a website for the particular book’s publisher, with its discounts and security, where you can purchase the book.”

Ghost BLOG — Think of this section like Ghostly Cool Sites. “I know that I give a lot of links here, and that many will disappear over time, but I really want to give some cool places to visit.” It also has a ghost journal feel. It’s worth checking out.

As to the rest of this site—explore it! See if you find anything that interests you.