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A Grid of a Different Color

A Grid of a Different Color

Do you find it difficult to look at Excel’s grid for too long?

Or, maybe when you look at the screen, it seems to your eyes that all those gridlines are overpowering the data? That sure makes it hard to work on your worksheet when you have difficulty seeing the data, doesn’t it?

One option might be to tell Excel to stop displaying the gridlines altogether.

You can accomplish this via the Tools menu, Options choice, View tab.

Simply uncheck the Gridlines checkbox at the bottom, then click OK and poof! Bye-bye gridlines!

But, then again, I find that I like to have them sometimes. The gridlines seem to help me verify that I’m in the correct location. So, what now?

Fortunately, there’s more to your gridlines choices than the black and white of the two extremes (gridlines or no gridlines). There are shades of gray, blue, green or whatever color you please.

Go back to the Options window, View tab. (From the Tools menu).

Take a look just below the gridlines option.

See it?

Yep, that’s right. It says Gridlines color.

Click on the down arrow and choose a new color from the palette.

Click OK to exit Options.

Voila! You’re back in your worksheet with a grid of a different color!

~ April

P.S. – If you’re looking to make this change something that affects all new workbooks, then you’ll need to make the change for all the worksheets in your workbook and save it as the default template. You can see our tip on this type of save by clicking here.