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A Guide to Garden-Inspired Living

The fickle Ohio weather has me craving spring. Saturday was reminiscent of April weather with sunny skies and a chill in the air, then it started snowing. The big fluffy snowflakes were surreal against the blue skies and sunshine. 

When I came home, I searched gardening sites looking for images that would help me fulfill my craving for spring and I found this awesome site. Not only does it feature amazing photos, but it also offers crafts and recipes that  come straight out of your garden. 

Se tup blog style, it is easy to navigate because all you have to do is scroll down. Aren’t those flower pictures lovely? Along the top of the page you’ll find a navigation menu that features the categories Garden Crafts, Garden Therapy, Gardening, Recipes, Beauty Treatments, Natural Remedies, and last but not least, Loving and Living. 

I’d recommend diving into whichever category catches your eyes, or you could just scroll through the site like I did and look at everything as it was posted. 

All the lovely photos helped to lift my spirits out the winter doldrums, so go check this site out today!

http://loveliveandgarden.com/ [1]