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A History of Rock and Roll

I love Explore.com, there is always something interesting to read, see, hear, or watch. With that said, I’d like to welcome you to a fabulous Explore article featuring a video called “A History of RocknRoll in 100 Riffs in a Single Take”. 

Navigation is very easy – just click play on the video to hear the guitarist Alex from Chicago Music Exchange play the riff. Do watch this when you have time, however – the video is over twelve minutes long. 

Beneath the video you’ll find the listing of riffs played in the video in chronological order. I had fun listening through the first time with the video playing in the background (minimized) and it was interesting to see how many I recognized. If you watch the video the riffs are counted off in the lower right corner, as well as listed below the video. 

That’s all there is to it! Listen and enjoy! 

http://exp.lore.com/post/26356983141/a-history-of-rocknroll-in-100-riffs-in-a-single [1]