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A Paste That Inserts Instead of Replacing

A Paste That Inserts Instead of Replacing

What do you do when you need to copy or cut cells in MS Excel and then insert them between existing data?

Do you insert the blank space needed (row, column or cells) and then go elsewhere in the worksheet to copy or cut, only to return to the blank area to paste?

That’s too much “back and forth” for me! Wouldn’t it be nice to simply copy or cut, go to the new location and then have Excel insert the new space while you paste?

It definitely sounds more efficient to me, so I was willing to give it a try. How about you?

I’m assuming that if you’re still with me, you’re ready to get to business, so here we go!

First, go to the data to be copied or cut and do your usual first steps (highlight the cell(s) and then copy or cut).

Now, go to the desired paste location and right click over a column/row header or cell and choose Insert Copied (Cut) Cells from the menu.

If the Insert Paste dialogue box opens, choose an option and click OK.

Voila! The simultaneous paste and insert is complete.

This technique may require a bit of experimentation time to get used to how it works, but with a little practice, you could definitely get some good use out of it!

~ April