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A “Polished” Finish

A “Polished” Finish

You’ve seen it hundreds of times. You’re in a workshop or meeting and the presenter, who’s using MS PowerPoint, gets to the end of their slide show.

What happens?

They click on the last slide and poof!

On the screen is the PowerPoint program window, the file menu, the standard toolbar and all. Does something like this ring any bells? (Okay, so their screen had content on the slide, but it’s the same thing. You end up looking at the slideshow in PowerPoint. That’s not a very polished way to end your presentation!)

Now it’s your turn to present and you’re looking for a way to avoid this ending. You’re looking for something that’s just a bit more “polished.”

How about a blank black slide?

Sounds good to me. But do we really have to create a black slide at the end of each presentation?

Seems like a waste of time to me too!

What if we could get PowerPoint to automatically add that black slide to the end of all your presentations?

I’d say it’s just the thing we’re looking for.

Here’s the scoop on PowerPoint’s black slide ending.

Start with the Tools menu, Options choice, View tab.

You’re looking in the Slide Show section for the “End with black slide” option.

Make sure the check box is selected and then click OK.

That’s it. It couldn’t be any easier!

Now, whenever you run your presentations, you can end with that “polished” look you’ve been searching for!

~ April