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A Quick Help Tip for OpenOffice

We all know how to access the Help menu, in order to get to the database of knowledge that goes with these programs.

It’s nice, you can find lots of information there… but you need to know what direction to move… without key words and a true sense of what it is you’re looking to find, you may just find frustration and little else.

What if you find yourself looking at something on a toolbar and you’re not sure what it’s going to do?

How exactly do you enter key words for something you know nothing about?

Not to mention the fact that nobody wants to spend any more time using the help than they have to so if we can find what we want to know faster then I’m all for that.

Fortunately for all of us OpenOffice.org comes with a faster way to find information on the elements found in your program window.

Next time you’re not sure what a button will really do give this a try:

Shift + F1 then hover over the button you’re questioning. (When you use Shift + F1 the mouse pointer will change to have a question mark with it so you know that you’ve activated this feature.)

* Without Shift + F1 you get this when you hover over a button:


* With Shift + F1 you get this:


As you can see… it’s a bit more than a button name… it’s a real description that can help you to decide if it’s something that you can actually use.

~ April