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A Quick Reversal to Word’s AutoCorrect

A Quick Reversal to Word’s AutoCorrect

If you’re using a new version of MS Word, you’ve probably noticed some strange things happening on the screen as you’re working.

For example, have you ever noticed the little blue box that appears below the items that were affected by an AutoCorrect change?

It’s actually quite a handy little addition to MS Word.

When the AutoCorrect feature kicks in and makes a change, Word gives you an immediate fix to the “problem” if you don’t agree with the change.

So, the next time a change occurs that you want to reverse (put back to the way you typed it), just put the mouse pointer over the changed item.

The blue box will then appear again. Move the mouse pointer down over the box.

The AutoCorrect symbol with a down arrow will appear.

Click on the down arrow.

A short list of choices will open, allowing you to undo the change, forbid the change from ever happening again (modifying the AutoCorrect feature from within the document) or last, but not least, it gives you the option to open the AutoCorrect window and make more changes to the rules.

Make your choice and instantly, the AutoCorrect changes can be reversed, with no long “battle” with the program to leave your document alone required!

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