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A Quick Way to Find Information in MS Office

When you’re going into the program options for the newest MS Office programs you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

There’s lots and lots going on in those dialog boxes… categories such as proofing, advanced, save, etc… and then within each of those there are sections of options such as editing, display, print… and if that were not enough there are options in there program specific.

In short, there’s a lot in there and it’s likely that you don’t know what all of it controls or what the ramifications of making a change.

Long ago (in a galaxy far, far away) if you saw a help symbol next to the close button you could click it and then click on an option for extra explanation.


Sometimes one was available and sometimes not but it could be a tremendous help at times.

If you click that help symbol now you’re going to get a whole new window where the help for that program opens and you can begin a search to find your answer.


It works but it’s not all that efficient.

So now what? I still want to make changes here but I would like to make an informed decision since I’m not 100% on what I need to do to accomplish my goal.

Next time you’re in that situation, the one where you’re looking to make a change but aren’t sure what the option means look for the i.


If you see one of these at the end of the option name you can access extra information about the setting by hovering over the symbol.


While that may not answer every question and there isn’t information attached to every option it may be just what you need to get the job done right.

It’s always good to know where to find a little extra help when you need it.

~ April