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A Quick way to Get the old Facebook chat back !

Tim from WI asks:

I hate the new Facebook chat! Is there any way to change it back?

Facebook might be the most popular social networking platform right now, however the constant changes they keep making to the interface are certainly not popular with the users. The latest in this long list is the new ‘Facebook chat’ that everyone seems to hate.

New facebook chat [1]

The main problem for most people arises when they want to log out of the Facebook chat. The option is simply not there anymore. Instead you are expected to click on the “Available to chat” button again to make yourself unavailable. Even when you log out, you still are able to see the list of users that were last active on your list, which makes many of think that we are still logged in.

Well worry not, as there is a way around this little annoyance. Instead of using the new Facebook chat in the main window, the trick is to use the secret Facebook Chat URL which is :

https://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php [2]


Doesn’t it feel right already ? Save this URL to your bookmarks and Take the old chat back, Y’all!

~Yogesh Bakshi