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A.S. Football Editor

A.S. Football Editor

Yesterday, one of our staff asked me if I knew of any software that a football coach could use to draw out plays. I had really never had the need myself to create and edit football plays, but I decided to take a look for her. I had no idea of what to expect. I knew it needed to be easy to use and something you could pick up on fast, because the season is already under way and she doesn’t have much time to figure out a new program. Since I’m the “free software guy,” I also thought it would be nice to find something cheap and at least under $20.00. If I could do that, I figured everyone would be happy.

Well, now that I have set up the scenario, you can probably piece together what happened next. If you guessed that I found a program that fit all my criteria, plus it was free, you’re right. Even better, I was so impressed by this software, I decided to use it as my download of the week. What I found after looking through some pricey software was A.S. Football Play Editor. It is a fun and functional program that any football coach on any level would find extremely useful.

A.S. Football Play Editor is a small program from Assoft that incorporates all the fundamentals of football play design. It sets them in an interface that’s so simple, a child could understand it. You can create players with unique characteristics, drag-n-drop them on the field to create plays and then store these plays in a playbook. It’s just great!

Take a look at some of the things A.S. Football Play Editor has to offer:

I’m telling you, A.S. Football Play Editor is terrific. I’m not even a coach and I found it to be an enormous amount of fun. I wouldn’t normally run a program so sports specific, but I figured there are a lot of people who are directly or indirectly connected to football. Volunteers and coaches for the youngsters and friends or family members, it seems like everyone has six degrees of football. More than likely, you know somebody connected to the game of football. So, download the program, burn it to a CD or e-mail them this article and let them decide if this is something they could use. Either way, I’m sure the gesture would be much appreciated.

You can download A.S. Football Play Editor here.

System Requirements:

So, go on out there and download this for the Gippe. On three, break!

~ Chad Stelnicki