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A Shortcut to a Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts can be an almost indispensable tool, if they’re simple, and if the process they bypass is done often enough to justify remembering them. Also, to be worthwhile, they must be quick and effective. But some of them combine such a tangled combination of keystrokes, and are so awkward, that I sometimes feel like I’m playing a keyboard version of Twister.

Well, I ran across one the other day that offers a simple solution to what can be an otherwise time consuming process. This is a shortcut to creating a shortcut that, for me at least, will be a real time saver.

With the Send To option available in Windows, shortcuts can be sent to certain designated locations by right clicking on the file and selecting Send To (see below).


You can add to this Send To locations list, but rather than clutter that list with additional, and sometimes temporary locations, try this. Hold the Ctrl + Shift keys, while dragging a file from one folder to another, and you can easily create a shortcut to that file, anywhere you like.


I started writing this, and then decided I’d like to use it as a Quick Tip. So the keyboard shortcut was used to create a shortcut to this tip on creating shortcuts. Now, say that three times real fast.


And there it is in its new location.

Like any other tool, this is only good if it’s useful to you. However, if you need to create a shortcut, this is a quick and painless way to get it done.