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A Smart Defrag

Have you ever tried to do a defrag using the Windows defragmenting utility? It does its job, but it takes a really long time. I’ve started my system defrag and left it overnight before and that just drives me crazy!

Well, I found a much better solution! This week’s free download is called Smart Defrag. It has many more options than the Windows utility and it is stylish as well. It color codes all of the different files so you the user can tell what exactly it is doing.

Obviously, it has a standard defrag utility, but so much more too! It gives you the ability to schedule defrags, change the settings of boot defrags, and even exclude certain files and folders. The most amazing feature has the same name as the program, Smart Defrag. When your system is idle, it will automatically start defragging your computer. Additionally you have the ability to change this time under the Automatic Defrag tab in the program. It will also continue to defrag based on the usage of your computer which can be changed in the same menu. When you get to the preset usage level, it stops. It then waits for you to finish and starts up again where it left off. This is a very useful feature and if you have ever waited for a defrag you know exactly what I mean. No more waiting for the defrag to complete so you can use your computer again. How cool is that!

This option makes it so that you don’t have to worry about defragging again. Just let it run in the background and it will defrag whenever it has the chance. That ensures your system is optimized at all times. I have been using this program for a long while now and I have not even noticed it running! In the world of defragging, this is unheard of and makes keeping your computer clean and running good effortless!

You can download Smart Defrag for yourself right here [1]. Enjoy!

~ Scott