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A Tiny Bit More Space

A Tiny Bit More Space

Are you one of those MS Word users who is always looking to maximize the space available to display documents on your monitor?

Do you carefully consider which toolbars to display so as to not waste the space?

Maybe you tend to keep the zoom rather high so it’s easier to read the text. That certainly reduces the amount of the document you’re viewing, doesn’t it?

While I’m sure that you’ve found lots of ways to minimize the clutter and maximize the amount you see, here’s a couple of suggestions that will offer you a tiny bit more visible space in your Word program window.

With just a quick checkbox change, you can remove the horizontal scroll bar, the vertical scroll bar and / or the status bar in the Word window.

Now, I’m sure many of you are thinking that it’s a crazy idea, but I must admit, of the three items, I personally only use the status bar and that’s only when I’ve got a long document. I never need to scroll horizontally in Word and I use the scroll wheel on my mouse instead of the vertical scroll bar. (Page Up and Page Down work for that one too).

So, if you’re interested in removing any of these items from view, here’s where you need to take a look.

We need the Tools menu, Options choice, View tab.

Now, simply uncheck the items you don’t use and click OK.

And FYI, you’ll find similar options in Excel and PowerPoint should you feel the need to adjust them as well!

~ April