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A True Delete

When you go to delete a file from your computer, what do you do? Do you send it to the Recycle Bin and then empty that? Do you then leave your computer thinking that took care of it for you? Don’t feel bad if you do, because you’re certainly not the only one. Depending on the Recycle Bin to remove the data from your computer “for good” is one popular misconception.

In all actuality, when you delete a file from your computer, your system recognizes that there is some open space, but the file still lurks around on your hard drive. You see, your computer will mark the space as “this space available,” but until Windows decides to reuse that space, the file is still in action. Along with that, it’s hard to tell when Windows will cover up that space, so the information you wanted removed could linger around for quite some time.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what you can do to actually delete those files, right? There are utility tools, called shredders, that you can use to get the job done and there just so happens to be several available on the Internet today. There are various different kinds, depending on how much deleting you’re going to be doing, but they are all handy in every situation. Some of the more popular shredders are ShredIt, Wipe & Delete and File Shredder 2000. Start shredding your files today and be rid of them forever!