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Abandoned America

Check out Matthew Christopher’s photography at Abandoned America and browse galleries of abandoned spaces around America. 

I started with the Highlight Reel gallery to see if this was a site I wanted to share with you, and after taking a look I knew it was. 

These photographs are amazing! When you arrive at the site, you’ll be automatically on the gallery page, so you can dive right into the photos. 

Other sections you may want to visit are:

About – here you’ll learn about Matthew Christopher and what inspires him, and learn about the website. 

Panoramas – this is definitely a section you’ll want to check out. You’ll find amazing panoramas. Just click to view them. 

I can’t pick just one favorite image. I just love looking at abandoned places through photographs, I feel like the speak volumes about humanity: how we live, what we discard, change/progression. 

Check them out for yourself today!

http://www.abandonedamerica.us/gallery.html [1]