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Abbreviation Z

This is a terrifically handy site to have: an A to Z of Acronyms & Abbreviations on the net.

There are a couple of ways to use this site too. You can use the search engine near the top of the page, the linked alphabet, or the categories.

The Search Engine is fairly simple to use. Type in what you want to search for, like “LYLAS” and hit “search”, then bang, you get results. LYLAS = Love you Like a Sister, or Love Ya Like a Sis. It gives you all known variations for the term you searched for.

The Linked Alphabet is pretty self explanatory. Click a letter of the alphabet to get a listing for that letter.

Categories — Here you can choose from categories of acronyms and abbreviations. The categories are Computing, Business, Internet, Governmental, Academic & Science, Community, Miscellaneous, Regional, Medical, and International.

And on the side of the main page are little interesting things like Most Popular Queries, and Did You Know That.

All in all, this site is going on my favorites list due to usefulness.

http://www.stands4.com/index.asp [1]

August 15, 2005