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ABM Files

ABM Files

Have you ever found any files labeled with the .abm extension? If you were to find some, they would most likely be in your My Documents folder along with all your music or photo files. ABM stands for album and this file format is created within both audio and visual files. They are mostly associated with the HitPlayer application, but can also be found with Windows Media Player files, among others photo programs.

Now, if and when you find any .abm files, you might not be able to figure out where they actually came from. They are created from other programs on your computer, but sometimes it’s hard to tell which one(s) exactly. If you right click on the file and choose Properties, you might be able to find out, but other than that, you might be stuck. You also might have trouble opening the .abm files, because they might not be compatible with your other computer settings.

You can delete the album files, but keep in mind that some other items (for example, all the album art you have saved in your music player) may go with them. If you don’t want to lose all of that, it’s safe to keep the .abm files on your computer. Just make sure when you save another music file, save it in a music format (.mp3, etc.) or if it’s a photo, save it in an image format (.jpeg, .gif, etc). That way, you’ll know for sure you can open those with no trouble whatsoever!

~ Erin