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Above the Table in MS Word

Have you ever created a table in MS Word at the beginning of a document, only to find that it was a mistake? I mean, since you began the document, you’ve probably redone the layout and some of the text just has to go above that table.

But, of course, you’re learning the hard way that MS Word isn’t going to cooperate very easily.

Every time you try to get to the top of the document (that is, above the table), you end up in the first cell or with an entire column highlighted.

No matter what you do, you’re stuck in that table!

You can get the text below the table, but there’s just no getting above it!

Or is there?

Don’t give up on that table just yet. And by all means, don’t delete it to start over!

Try this quick little trick to get to the top.

Use the key combination of Ctrl + Home and then (after releasing the keys), hit the Enter key.


You’ve got a line above your table, with no starting over or frustration required!