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Access Address Book in Word

Find yourself tired of the old copy/paste routine to get an address of a contact into a Word document?

Or… do you spend the time it takes to look up the address then type it into the new document each time?

Either way, it’s annoying and time consuming.

Ever find yourself wishing that you could get Outlook to transfer that information for you?

If this is something that you frequently do then I’m sure that the wish has crossed your mind a time or two.

Well then, you’re wish is my command.

Here’s the plan – we’re going to add a button for your address book to MS Word so that when you need to you can access the address book, choose a contact and just like magic, Word will insert the contact’s mailing address into the document.

According to the plan we start by creating a button for your address book in Word. The procedure for accomplishing this differs depending upon the version of Word you use. What a surprise there?

Anyway, if you’re using an older version of Word then you need to customize your toolbars by adding the address book button.

First, right-click on a toolbar and choose customize.

On the Commands tab choose All Commands on the left and then InsertAddress on the right.


Drag and drop the InsertAddress command to a toolbar or next to the menu names.

For people with Word 2007 you need to take a slightly different approach. You’ll be adding the address book button to your Quick Access toolbar – so here’s what you’ll do.

First, click the down-arrow on the right of the Quick Access toolbar.

Choose More Commands from the bottom.


On the left choose All Commands at the top then scroll through the command list to Address Book.

Once Address Book is selected click the Add button in the middle.

Click OK.

Now, everyone should have the button they need in their version of Word so let’s all move on to using this feature.

Obviously, we’re going to click the Address Book button.

The dialog box that opens gives you access to your Outlook Address Book and under that the Contacts. (If it opens immediately to the Outlook Address Book and you see no listings then switch to Contacts. One of my Word versions went straight to Contacts and the other didn’t but they should be there if you look.)

Anyway, choose a contact and click OK.

Instantly Word inserts the name and mailing address of the chosen contact.

Yep – it really is that easy.

I did find one small “glitch”.

When I initially inserted an address it always added “United States of America” below my address.

I don’t need that tacked onto an address so I went in search of a remedy.

Basically I had to get into Outlook, open the contact and click the Address button to the left of the field where the address is entered.

A small dialog box like this opened.


I simply highlighted the country and deleted it.

Then I clicked OK to go back to the contact page for that person and exited that with a Save & Close.

That did the trick. The inserted address no longer had the country below it and I was thrilled to have such easy access to this information from within my Word documents.

~ April