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Access Lost System Tools in XP

Anna asks:

I seem to have lost a program in Windows XP called Systems Tools. I can find my Disk Cleanup, but I can’t access the Defragment program. Where could the the Systems Tools (and Defragment program) have gone to? How can I get it back?

Well, to start with, let’s take a look at the Systems Tools folder and what it contains.

In XP, System tools can be found by accessing Start–All Programs–Accessories–System Tools.

The folder contains the following programs:

CHARACTER MAP, which allows you to copy and paste letters and symbols from other fonts into your document without switching fonts;

DISK CLEANUP, which frees up space on your hard drive by eliminating unused and temporary files;

DISK DEFRAGMENTER (Defrag), which speeds up your computer by reassigning or eliminating stray bits of data;

FILES AND SETTINGS TRANSFER WIZARD, for transferring files and data from one drive to another;

INTERNET EXPLORER (NO ADD-ONS), which allows you to access the internet without any Explorer add-ons interfering with it;

SCHEDULED TASKS, which allows you to schedule a specific time to run updaters and other system programs;

SYSTEM INFORMATION, which tells you the basic ram, processor, etc., of your system.

SYSTEM RESTORE which will restore your Windows system to an earlier time.

If by “lost”, you mean that the menu shortcut is gone from your accessories menu, there are a couple of ways that you can get this back.

The first thing is to check your recycle bin. If you’ve accidentally deleted it, it’ll be listed there and you simply have to right-click on it and click Restore.

Another option is a little more time-intensive. Right-click on “Start”, click “explore”, open “programs” and then “accessories”. Click File–New–Shortcut, create your system tools folder and then drag and drop the programs that you want there.

The final option is to do a system restore to a date and time when you knew that it was still there.

Of course, if it’s just the defrag program that you want, you can find it in C:\windows/system32. From here, you can either run the program, or right-click on it and send a shortcut to the desktop.

Hope this helps.

~Randal Schaffer