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Access Password Protected Sites More Quickly

Can I access a password protected web site more quickly?

Now this appears to only work for sites that present a pop-up window in which you are to enter your user name and password, but it can still save you some time!

When you access a site that requires a user name and password, you can simply type the whole thing into the Address box!

As an example, suppose you want to access www.iloveworldstart.com (not a real site) and you know you are going to be prompted for your user name and password. Simply enter http://username:password@www.iloveworldstart.com (substituting your actual user name and password) into the Address field and press Enter .

If you need to access the same site frequently, you can simply save that full address as a Favorite! (Just keep an eye on who has access to your computer, because they will then have access to your “secure” site.)

~ Dawn Pipkorn, Westboro, WI