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Access your Outlook Calendar from the To-Do Bar

Many people, including me, use the To-Do Bar in Outlook 2007 and have the monthly calendar displayed at the top of the bar.


But, did you know that if you double-click any date on the To-Do Bar’s mini calendar and you’ll be whisked away to Outlook’s Calendar feature where you’ve already been sent to the date you clicked.

This means that if you want to see something 3 months from now, just navigate there from the To-Do Bar and click the date.

Voila! Your calendar opens up 3 months from now instead of on today.

I’d like to add some extra info regarding which view the calendar uses when it opens.

I found that if I had the calendar set to display one day at a time then the calendar opens on exactly the day you chose.

If I had the calendar display set to monthly then it also would open to the exact date I chose.

And finally, when my calendar is set to weekly Outlook will open to the week containing the date I chose.

It’s just a small thing to use but it seems a bit more efficient then opening the calendar and then navigating to the correct date… and every little bit of extra efficiency is always appreciated.

~ April