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Accounts and Budget Free 6.0.1

Need to balance your home budget? If you have ever searched for software to assist you with this, you already know how expensive these programs can be. Now who has the money for this, if we need to budget every dollar we spend? Well I have located a good program to assist you with this problem. It is a simple program named Accounts and Budget 6.0 and it is completely free!

Upon downloading this program, I was a bit skeptical that it would contain all the features I would need to balance our budget. However, I went ahead a gave it a shot. Above is a screen shot of what the program looks like upon first launch. To start off, it asks you to create an account that you will be using throughout the process. I personally use just my one bank account, so I went ahead and created it based on that.

The next screen is what I refer to as my home page. It shows many different pieces of information that is important to balancing a budget. It includes a current bank balance, upcoming transactions, and future balances.

At first, this program can be a little confusing, but I can assure you that once you have entered a few things, you will catch on quickly. To start budgeting, click on the tab at the top labeled Payment Due Dates. Once you get to this screen, you can begin to add information such as salary and bills. The best part is that you can set all of this information to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and many more incremental payments.

All information can be entered manually, but transactions can be imported from accounts automatically.

Above is a picture of monthly spending. Note that it even shows what dates you will be short and by how much. This is a very convenient potion of this program. It gives you the ability to prepare for and rectify a budget shortfall before it even presents itself.

Overall, I found this program to be very useful and I personally continue to use this to balance my budget and keep me on track. So if you are looking for a simple way to straighten out your money situation, Accounts and Budget Free 6.0.1 can be downloaded here [1].