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Across Zones

Across Zones

Do you frequently travel into a different time zone?

Maybe you have a job that requires you to hop back and forth between two time zones and you’re certainly tired of your computer never being in time with you.

Whatever your situation, the time change can be annoying and confusing.

You could go through Windows and change the time there, but then, each time you change it, you have to hunt the time zone down through such a long list of possibilities.

Not what you had in mind? No, me either, so what if we could control this through MS Outlook where two preferred time zones are stored?

What I mean to say is that Outlook will allow you to choose two different time zones. It will store them for you (avoiding the repeated picking from a very long list) and with just a few clicks, it will swap them. It will take effect in all of your Windows based programs as well!

Yep, that’s right. Getting Outlook to swap time zones will take care of it all.


Okay, then let’s take a look.

In Outlook, you need the Tools menu, Options choice.

Click the Calendar Options button.

Now, click the Time Zone button.

In the bottom half of the Time Zone window, select the “Show an additional time zone” checkbox.

Now, select the second time zone you need to work with in the bottom section.

Both the original and the additional time zones can be named in the “Label” field.

When you’ve got it all set, click OK to back your way out and return to Outlook.

With this set, you’re ready for a quick time zone switch.

Next time you travel and need to switch time zones, simply return to the Time Zone window (Tools menu, Options choice, Calendar Options button, Time Zone button).

When you get there, click the Swap Time Zones button in the bottom left corner.

Poof! Outlook switches the selected time zones and a new one will take over your system. That is, until you swap them back again. Yes!

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