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Active Content

Active Content

Have you ever heard of the term “active content” before? You may have seen it referenced along with some Web sites, but have you ever gotten a formal definition of it? If not, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what I’m going to give you today. Are you ready to add another computer term to your “I Know What That Means” list? Then let’s do it!

Basically, active content refers to any material found on a Web site that is interactive or dynamic. A couple examples of interactive content are polls you can fill out online and any opt-in material, such as opt-in e-mails. On the other hand, dynamic features include animated images, weather maps, stock tickers, applications that use JavaScript, embedded objects, streaming video, streaming audio and any ActiveX programs. All of those things fall under the category of active content when used on Web sites.

So, if you’re on a Web site that has moving images or if it has a video you want to watch, etc., you are working with active content. A couple Web sites that use a lot of active content are YouTube, The Weather Channel and MySpace. Now that you know what active content really is, you can go searching for it and find some examples of your own. Ahh, isn’t it nice to know what things really mean in this sometimes overwhelming computer world we all live in? Check it out!

~ Erin