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AdAware Anniversary

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the best rated free anti-virus program. That article got such a great response that I figured I should write about another very high rated free program that will protect your computer.

I’m sure that some of you have heard of AdAware. This program was one of the first anti-adware and spyware programs out and it has continued to lead the pack in terms of quality. Just this year, AdAware released their Anniversary Edition. This is the most recent version of the free program and it does an amazing job.

Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition is like many other previous versions of adaware. After installing the program, you can open it and it will automatically update. After the update, it is easy as pie. Just choose either the quick scan or the full scan and you are on your way. Wait for the scan to finish and it will tell you what it recommends for action. Many times, Adaware will simply recommend removal, but other times it will have additional instructions.

Adaware really is a great supplemental adware removal program, especially if your Internet security suite does not already include adware protection. Simply running ad-aware once a month will dramatically decrease your chances of getting a damaged computer.

If you are interested in trying out Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition, you can get it here.