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Add a Picture to AOL Email

Can I add a picture to an AOL email?

Yes, you can insert .art, .jpg, .gif, and .bmp images into AOL email.

Select the “Write” icon in the AOL toolbar to bring up a new email window. Over on the right hand side you’ll see a camera icon.


Select “Insert Pictures” from the menu.


In the “Open” window select the folder where the picture is located then click. You’ll see thumbnails on the right side. Just check off the pictures you want to include. then choose “Insert”.


Back at the picture menu you can also select a layout for the email. This allows you to control how pictures and text relate. Once selected, click “Apply”


Don’t like the layout? Choose a different one and “Apply”.

Experiment and explore the different options, but most of all, have fun.

~ David