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Add A Settings Key To The Onscreen Android Keyboard

Adjusting the settings on an Android onscreen keyboard is done–surprisingly–in Android keyboard settings, where many optional features are available (vibrate and sound, auto-correct, and auto-capitalization, etc.). One way to access these settings, is by meandering through the following series of menus; Settings>Language & input (or Language & keyboard)>Android keyboard. Or, on at least some models, there’s a shortcut available to the settings through one of the keys. In addition–again on certain models–a settings key can be added to the keyboard for even quicker and easier access.

Note: This is displayed in Android 4.0.

Long press the microphone key and slide to the Settings button.


In the menu that appears, tap Android keyboard settings.


The choices include Show settings key.


Tap that to add a Settings key to the keyboard. As shown below, mine appeared to the left of the microphone key.


As it is with any shortcut, the benefit of this particular one is determined by its necessity. If you don’t often adjust keyboard settings, this may end up being yet another key to tap accidentally while typing.