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Add an Image Folder to Kindle

Jasmine asks:

I have a Kindle Keyboard and would like to add some photos, but there’s no place to put them. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for the question Jasmine. As you probably know, the “E Ink” display on the screens of Kindle versions prior to the full-color Kindle Fire–while great for reading–are not well suited for viewing photos. However, the antique styling of the Kindle stock images actually looks good on that screen so, if that’s the look you’re after, the display should provide a decent presentation. Although, as you point out, the Kindle 3 doesn’t include a location to store personal images, but a picture folder can be created, and images can be added to the folder from a PC. It should be noted that, at least on my Kindle, the controls for viewing the pictures are slow and clunky, but they do work…eventually.

If you’d like to add images to your Kindle Keyboard, just plug it into your PC, open it, and create a new folder (see the Pictures folder below).


Within that folder, add a sub-folder.


Then, drag or copy .jpgs to the folder.


Unplug the Kindle and, on the Home screen, using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Z, locate the new folder.



Press the select button on the 5-Way Controller and the images will open. The page turning buttons on the side of the device navigate between images. The letters Q and W on the keyboard can be used to zoom in and out. The F key opens full screen and R rotates the screen.

And Jasmine, if your friends–with their laptops and tablets–snicker at the black and white images on your Kindle screen, invite them to go outside in the sunlight. There, you’ll be able to display the “E Ink” advantage.