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Add an Online Picture to an Email

Add an Online Picture to an Email

Have you ever come across a cool graphic at a website and wanted to include it in an email? One way is to save the graphic to your hard drive and send as an attachment or insert it into the body of an HTML email (as demonstrated above). But that takes up space on your hard drive or in the email. So, is there another way? You betcha…

First you need to get the source code for the web image. Right-click the picture and choose “Properties”. Highlight and Copy (CTRL+C) the Address (URL) “http://www…etc.”

web-based image

In Outlook Express , follow the usual procedure for inserting a picture, but with a twist. Under “Picture Source” Paste (CTRL+V) the online picture location.


From there, just handle it like any other image file.

With Netscape 7.0 Mail , follow the usual procedure, but paste the web address into the “Image Location” box.


Adjustments can be made just as you would with an image file from your hard drive.

Keep in mind that if the website removes the picture or changes the location on their server it will not show up in the email anymore. If you send this type of email to someone using MSN/Hotmail they will probably get a red X unless you are in their address book.

Have fun.

~ David